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"I enjoyed this book immensely. It is a grand adventure, well written, paced nicely. The author asserts that the book is "mostly true" and I believe that it is. That fact makes it a wonderful read. Here is a caution however: If you've ever had the urge to "leave it all behind", escape the mundane, and start a new life's adventure, this book may push you over the edge!"

A really easy read, full of action that was hard to put down. The on-board sailing narrative took me back onto a boat, something that takes a special type of writing to do. Some nice twists

and a lot of fun.

A chance meeting over Christmas begins a journey of love, challenges, and change for Eve Browning as she tries to forget a magical evening which could change her life forever. A very enjoyable read filled with descriptive southern charm and character. A great way to explore lost loves, life's challenges, and the wonderful town of New Bern, North Carolina.

Amazon Customer

of The Sea Les Traveled

Graham Meyer

of Treasure

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of Evening

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